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Studio Apartment C201, 4.sprat - Pogledom na more i Stari Grad221.400 €
2 povezana studio apartmana C713, 9.sprat - Pogledom na more i Stari Grad310.000 €
Dvosoban stan С405, 6.sprat, 96.22 m2 - Pogled na more i Stari Grad410,000 €
Jednosoban i 2 studio penthous B807, 10.sprat, 118 m2 - Pogled na more i Stari Grad446,500 €


What is the deadline for the turnkey project?

The deadline for project implementation is December 31, 2022.

What is I am foreiner? What is the procedure tfor buying real estate?

It doesn’t matter where you are from. You will need a passport of yours. Accompanied by an interpreter, you sign a contract with a passport at the notary.

Do I need to be in Montenegro to buy real estate?

If you cannot come to Montenegro, you can send us a power of attorney issued to a representative from the notary. In this case, we can solve legal problems when you are not in Montenegro. For more information on this option, contact us: +38268132995

By buying real estate, can I able to get residence permit?

Of course. You can get a residence permit for one year, and you can renew it every year.



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