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Property in Montenegro

Porto Budva Complex – Apartments and Commercials!
Do not miss the chance to increase Your capital!
Are you thinking about what’s profitable and safe for money investment and for receiving a steady income? We have a solution for you – Porto Budva Complex.
Today, Montenegro is one of the countries with the most dynamic development, a candidate for joining the EU, and a leader in foreign investments in the Balkans. Budva is also known as the new Monte Carlo. Agreeable tax climate, complying with European legislative and a safe notary system help in attracting foreign investments, to the amount of nearly up to 3 billion Euros on yearly basis.
Montenegrian Company “Budva Investment Montenegro” has been successfully carrying out its projects for 13 years now. By investing money in a development phase, you will return your investment completely within 5 years.
Porto Budva Complex offers premium-class apartments and commercial spaces in the center of Budva.
The SPA center of 3,500 m2, with indoor and outdoor swimming pool, sauna, Turkish bathroom, gym, massage salon, yoga, beauty salon, and medical services, has also been planned.
This is a town within the town. A shopping center on two levels of 8,000 m2 with popular brands shops, a supermarket, three restaurants, coffee bars, a congress hall, and an underground parking lot.
2000 m2 conference center will be located on the 11th floor with a panoramic view of the Budva coast. The Congress center is designed as one large congress hall which can be split into 4 smaller size halls for multiple uses. In this way, the conference center may be useable for small groups and larger groups at the same time. Our center will be the largest conference center in the heart of Budva under the name of a 5-star hotel brand.
There’s a beautiful view from the Complex. The Complex is located on the first line, only 100 m from the Old town Castle. It has exits on Mediterranean Street and Promenade.
Fine works and design finishing of the walls, floor, and ceiling are included in the price of the apartments with one, two, or three bedrooms.
The process of purchasing real estate in Porto Budva Complex
Purchasing real estate is a very complicated and serious job, so each phase of purchasing should be done with attention and on a professional level. During the process of purchasing an apartment or commercial space in Porto Budva, the management of the company Budva Investment Montenegro is here for you to explain to you all the phases in the purchasing process, so a complete package of services including legal services. Our company is here for you later to do the maintaining of the whole object including your real estate if you decide to rent and then you will have service in the range of a 5-star hotel.
The steps in purchasing an apartment in the Porto Budva complex
  • Selection of real estate;
  • Insight into ownership documentation and the facility itself (real estate list, building permit, CRPS copy);
  • Signing the sales contract with the seller at the Notaries;
  • Necessary documentation: personal document (whether it has resident or a non-resident status);
  • Duration of the signing contract process: maximum 2 hours;
  • In the case of a foreigner, the services of a translator are provided;
  • The notary shall be authorized to record the ownership on the real estate list on behalf of the client;
  • After signing the contract, the client makes a deposit of 10% on the seller’s account and further payments will be done in the manner specified by contract;
We provide our clients with our services:
Investment services:
• Renting apartments and shops on your behalf throughout the year;
• Fully equipped apartments for rent in the 5-star hotel ranking;
• Five-star hotel service (Reservations, Reception, Concierge, Bell-Boy, Housekeeping, Room Service, House Master, 3 Restaurants, Spa & Wellness);
• Payment Services on your behalf throughout the year;
• Preparation of financial reports to clients whose apartments are rented monthly and yearly;
• Maintenance and cleaning of apartments;
• Preparation of documents for signing  sales transactions;
• Professional translator services;
Services for clients who buy real estate:
• Design furnishing of apartment interior (walls, floors, ceilings, and bathrooms) is included in the price of the apartment;
• Possibility of complete furnishing and equipment;
• Property Management and Services Management resell your property;
• Translator services;
Tourist services:
•Organization tours in group or individual;
•Car and yacht rental;
•Transportation Services;
•Management Services;
Budva Investment Montenegro is a management company (Budva Investment Montenegro Family Home Manager), which is providing a complete range of services for real estate clients as well as for all those who have applied.
The Budva Investment Montenegro company provides a unique gift service for all customers who have purchased real estate with us.
The management company provides you with a service manager who will show you the 4-5 most reliable and best-equipped furniture vendors, as we have special conditions of cooperation with most of them (the furniture should be delivered to the immovable property within the given deadline, the furniture must be fully negotiated before arrival of property owners etc.)
Instead, Budva Investment Montenegro Manager can monitor and control the delivery and furniture assembly process (to save you time and avoid the cost of hotels, air tickets, and so on).
• Cleaning and maintaining the cleanliness of apartments, shops, and common areas;
• Insurance of financial reports to clients who rent apartments and premises on monthly and quarterly levels;
• Ventilation of the room and pouring water from the tap to avoid stagnation;
• Transport upon arrival and departure from Montenegro, or at any place on request;
• Reconstruction, delivery, and maintenance of installations (electricity, sewage, plumbing, ventilation, and air conditioning, satellite TV);
• Photo report for the owner;
• Maintenance and irrigation of green areas on the common territory;
• Organization of activities, including excursions, fishing, hunting, or car rental;
Services offered to buyers who have purchased apartments
In an effort to provide a complete range of services and meet the needs of our customers, Budva Investment Montenegro provides services for apartment owners.
The experience of our employees accumulated for many years allows all the services at the highest professional level.
• Checking property status and ventilation for all rooms;
• Paying utility services;
• Testing and managing communication systems;
• Preparations for the arrival of property owners;
• Photos of property every month;
• Transport to and from the airport, or at any location, according to customer needs;
• Additional services at the owner’s request;
• Cleaning of parking and stairs;
• Maintenance of lawns and supporting walls;
• Cleanliness of the fence around the location and maintenance of the fences;
• Full functional lighting in common areas and timely replacement of bulbs;
• Control and maintenance of water and sewage systems;
• Regular payment of total costs for electricity and water;
• Roof cover inspection;
• An inspection of the object will be carried out regularly to detect any changes/differences in the common spaces and the outer surface of the object;
• Inspection and maintenance of garage doors;
• Inspection and maintenance of 8 lifts;
• Inspection and maintenance of intercom systems;
• Inspection and maintenance of cable and satellite television;
• Representative of the 24-hour management company on the spot;
• Other services not listed above, but required for the normal use of the facility as well as for its resident;
• Reception and reservation service;
• Room service;
• Laundry;
• Restaurants and cafes ;
• SPA center;
• This is the first sale from the investor and the immovable property tax in the amount of 3% is NOT PLAN!
• We provide the choice of surface, location, and design of business premises and flats according to your needs;
• Free legal service and registration;
• 30 years facade guarantee;
• 10 years warranty for construction works;
• For commercial space we give payment possibility to pay rates up to 12 months and for apartments up to 24 months;
Compilation date: 31.12.2024
Construction Technology: All of our facilities are built with monolithic – iron technology.

Building fundament: 600 Pitches (at 39m Depth) With Diaphragm (at 25m Depth).

The building will be constructed of reinforced concrete, slatted walls

When buying real estate from an investor builder, you are exempt from paying 3% tax for the property transfer tax.
At Porto Budva, you acquire not only square meters of residential space, but also right of the joint ownership of the land and joint premises at the Complex.
Important notice! Owners of the real estate acquire the right to obtain an annual residence permit, with a possibility of renewal.
Let your real estate work for you!
Porto Budva Complex. Don’t miss your chance to increase your capital.

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Can I buy house in Montenegro?

– Yes, we will quickly and efficiently help you buy house in Montenegro.

Can I buy villa in Montenegro by the sea?

– Yes, we will quickly and efficiently help you buy villa in Montenegro by the sea.

Do I need to be in Montenegro to buy real estate?

– If you cannot come to Montenegro, you can send us a power of attorney issued to a representative and have it notarized.
In this case, we will be able to resolve legal issues when you are not in Montenegro.
For more information about this option, please contact us: +382-68-132995

Am I eligible for a residence permit?

– Certainly. You can get a residence permit for a year and renew it every year. A house in Montenegro gives the right to a residence permit.

I’m a foreigner. What is the procedure for buying a house/villa?

– Your nationality doesn’t matter. You will need a passport. Accompanied by an interpreter, you sign an agreement with a passport at a notary.

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