Mediteranska 20, Budva

Porto Budva – Commercial space L42, 98.23 m2 – first floor!



Porto Budva Complex is the only and largest resort on the entire Adriatic coast, bringing all the amenities of a city in one place. Complex guarantees a huge influx of tourists every day, thanks to its innumerable range of services that can cater to the sophisticated tastes of all incoming tourists, even if they are the most demanding ones…

The total area of the complex is 45.000m2. The best shopping center of the multi-complex with a total area of 8000m2 with, cafes, entertainment center, lobby and a two-storey Casino with an area of 2300m2 and shops, which houses the most popular products of world-famous brands, is located here.

Commercial space L42, total area 98.23 m2, The commercial space is located near the escalator and 2 elevators. The windows overlook the parking of the shopping center and the new street that connects the Mediteranska street and the promenade (between the shopping center and kindergarten)!

As much money you invest in the start after signing the contract, you are getting the possibility of a bigger discount and a lower price!

Price of the commercial space:

In 30 days from contract signing 70% payment in advance, then rest of the 30% payment by instalment – 540.265 eura
In 30 days from contract signing %90 payment in advance, then rest of the %10 payment by instalment –
510.796 eura
In 30 days from contract signing %100 payment in advance – 500.000 eura

*** Expected renting price for 1 year :50.000 Eura.