FAQ - Porto Budva Estate

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Mediteranska 20, Budva


2. I am a foreigner. What is the procedure for buying an apartment / office space?

It doesn’t matter where you are from. Montenegrin law does not prohibit foreign nationals from buying real estate. You will need a passport of yours. Accompanied by an interpreter, you sign a contract with a passport at the notary.


When planning the purchase, take into account additional costs: translation services, notary fees, registration in the cadastral register (if necessary).

3. Do I need to be in Montenegro to buy real estate?

If you cannot come to Montenegro, you can send us a power of attorney issued to a representative from the notary. The document is sent by mail and translated into Serbian. Translation services will not be more than 15 euros per page.

4. Do I qualify for a residence permit?

After you purchase a real estate in Montenegro you can able to get residence permit. This residence permit will be for one year and renewable every year.

5. What are the conditions for obtaining citizenship?

Montenegro provides the following investment opportunities for obtaining citizenship:


  1. Investment of 450,000 euros in the approved project in the coast side (including Podgorica), and contribution to the state of 150,000 euros as a contribution to the development of Montenegro. Recent news indicates that this economic citizenship program will be end soon.


  1. For the clients of our company, we have prepared a special investment package directly from the developer. Special investment packages – citizenship program + luxury real estate in the PORTO BUDVA COMPLEX of 450,000 euros. The complex is located in Budva on the first line of the sea.

6. How to get a discount?

As much money you invest in the start after signing the contract, you are getting the possibility of a bigger discount and a lower price!

7. What is included in the price?

Interior finishes such as suspended ceilings, lighting, wallpaper, wall paint, parquet, mosaic, tiles and all bathroom accessories (Villeroy & Boch) are included in the price.

8. What services do you provide as maintenance?

  • Checking property status and ventilating from all rooms
  • Paying utility services
  • Testing and managing communication systems
  • Preparations for the arrival of property owners
  • Photographs of property every month
  • Transfer to and from the airport, or at any location, according to customer needs
  • Additional services at the owner’s request
  • Cleaning of parking and stairs
  • Maintenance of lawns and supporting walls
  • Cleanliness of the fence around the location and maintenance of the fences;
  • Full functional lighting in common areas and timely replacement of bulbs
  • Control and maintenance of water and sewage systems.
  • Regular payment of total costs for electricity and water;
  • Roof cover inspection;
  • An inspection of the object will be carried out regularly to detect any changes / differences in the common spaces and the outer surface of the object;
  • inspection and maintenance of garage doors;
  • inspection and maintenance of 8 lifts;
  • Inspection and maintenance of intercom systems;
  • Inspection and maintenance of cable and satellite television;
  • Representative of the 24-hour management company on the spot;
  • Other services not listed above, but required for the normal use of the facility as well as for its residents.
  • Reception and reservation services
  • Confectionary services.
  • Room service
  • Laundry.

9. Regarding renting, what services do you provide?

  • Renting apartments and shops on Your behalf throughout the year
  • Fully equipped apartments for rent in the 5-star hotel ranking
  • Five-star hotel service (Reservations, Reception, Concierge, Bell Boy, Housekeeping, Room Service, House Master, 3 Restaurants, Spa & Wellness)
  • Payment Services on Your behalf throughout the year
  • Preparation of financial reports to clients whose apartments are rented monthly and yearly
  • Maintenance and cleaning of apartments

10. What guarantees do you give to customers?

  • Alart Centa – Budva CG has been building and investing in Budva for 15 years. In Budva we have two facilities that we manage. Thanks to our reputation, we have sold 90% of our construction investments.Our company has 9,000,000 euros as registered capital.We have already sold investments worth about 50,000,000 euros.The plot in Porto Budva is not lease, it’s belongs to the Alart Center – Budva CG and its new owners, who in this case are real estate buyers.We sell our design basis on the basis of easements. When you sign a contract with us, your name is registered with the notary for cadastral surveys as a percentage of the site owner.Our project is completely legal and you can check it out on the state legal website.