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Real Estate Budva – your chance for profit


Over the past five years, property in Montenegro Real estate has become especially popular for immigrants from the CIS countries.

Entrepreneurs from Ukraine, Russia actively invest in the economy of the Balkan region.

They consider the purchase of a house or villa in Montenegro as an attractive and reliable investment.

The country on the Adriatic coast has a warm climate, low crime rate, and civilized European laws.

It has a convenient location, comfortable infrastructure, and a friendly attitude to foreigners.

As a Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia – mostly part of Montenegro’s territory was relatively recently under the influence of the Soviet Union.

With the past era in the country, a friendly attitude towards Russian-speaking people of slavic appearance remained.

All these and many other factors make the region attractive for investment.

It is also suitable for permanent living and vacation.

Why choose Montenegro Real estate?

Buying an apartment in Montenegro Real estate and receiving a passport is a great opportunity to settle in a civilized European country with many benefits:

  1. The object is in a safe region with European legislation and social guarantees.
  2. The possibility of traveling to the Schengen agreement countries without visa.
  3. Use of reliable European banks: opening an account, residence in the European banking system.
  4. Starting a business in an economic environment.
  5. European life-quality: education, medicine, stability.
  6. Vacation on the Adriatic Sea coast.

Mostly, people from the countries of the Customs Union buy luxury property in Montenegro Real estate.

Then they rent it out.

With such a scheme, it is easiest to combine useful with pleasant.

For example, to live during the chilly season and make a profit from renting during the tourist season.

Porto Budva

Multicomplex “Porto Budva” in the resort capital of Montenegro Riviera of the city of Budva.

It is the most attractive region of the country for buying a home in Montenegro Real estate.

It can then be rented to tourists.

It is here that large projects in the field of commercial and residential realty grow.

A qualitative example of a major development project is the “Porto Budva” complex.

A great project on the Adriatic sea covers over 45 000 square meters.

Today, on the site of the old town and village, there is a modern residential complex with the best infrastructure:

  • a two-story shopping center with an area of 8 000 square meters;
  • the residential complex is equipped with 8 elevators, several escalators and 8 entrance groups for access to the through streets;
  • multilevel parking with a usable area of 20 000 square meters;
  • premium-class residential apartments and penthouses overlooking the Adriatic sea.
  •  The complex is located just a few dozen meters from the Old Town Castle;
  • a lot of restaurants, cafes, bars and boutiques;
  • SPA, indoor and outdoor pools, saunas, gym and beauty salons.

Alart Centar-Budva CG management company offers apartments in Budva for the sale of various layouts and areas.

By investing in Budva property, you will be able to recoup the costs by renting out housing to tourists in the summer season in 5-6 years.

In addition to buying an apartment, clients can take advantage of many related services. For example: 

  • they can rent commercial space on behalf of their company.
  • Rent a premium room in a hotel of a “five-star” level.
  • Receive consulting services for apartments.
  • Carry out payment transactions as part of housing maintenance on behalf of the owner, and much more.